Laboratory cloud solutions

LabWing develops innovative ICT cloud platform applications for the new challenges in the physical and virtual laboratory environment. Although these applications function excellently as separate applications, they have been developed in such a way that their combined or linked use ensures unparalleled time savings and effectiveness. Naturally, all our solutions are accompanied by a complete program of technical support.

Labs-of-time® includes the following applications: The computing wonder LabCarrier®, our expert system for processing large amounts of raw MS data that significantly simplifies the work of analysts and helps them save up to 50% on the working time they spend on grading and arithmetic. LabCost® is our product for integral cost calculation, which is still a tricky issue for many laboratories. LabChain® is our interface and ensures the connection of measuring instruments. We bring your warehouseman LabStore® to quickly and easily place orders via the Internet, while the same application offers suppliers of laboratory equipment and supplies interesting prospects.

And of course there are our showpieces LabQuest® and LabFindings®, the ingenious web applications that guide the entire process from the client's orders to reporting and invoicing by the laboratory, and as such are increasingly taking the shape of a 'virtual front office' for laboratories. Labs-of-Time® proves that the 'e-lab' is no longer a utopia, but a down-to-earth reality.