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The bird

LabWing, the crest of e-lab services

LabWing's name and logo refer to the lapwing ("lapwing" in English). The same goes for the payoff, as 'crest' means both 'peak' and 'bird's crest.' Besides the wordplay, we also chose this name for the various associations the lapwing evokes - also visually. First of all, the typical silhouette with the crest that makes our logo quickly recognizable. And then we start hineininterpreting. Would you like to join us?

With the archetypal Dutch image of the lapwing, we can capitalize on the role of the Netherlands as a leading nation in the analytical field. En passant, we evoke the image of a healthy environment with grassy meadows and lush arable land. We can relate the tradition of offering the first lapwing egg to the Queen (abolished in 1969 at her request) to the valuable output, the delicacy, of LabWing for those who know how to find us....

And in the behavior of the lapwing - yes, we are going far! - It is also striking that the bird is tirelessly busy late into the night (so are we, after all) and that it inhabits an almost 'virtual' nest: a hole with some grasses and blades. A dotcom doesn't get anywhere with fancy offices and other material fuss: only the virtual nest on the Internet - the website - and the service provided there is important.

Finally, you may also think of the "lab wing" as the analysis department of a company, as the "laboratory wing," so to speak. Sound a bit cryptic? Then keep visiting our site regularly, and you'll see where we're going!