Services / Consultancy

LabConsulting® Business- and ICT consultancy

You are a laboratory manager and you want to take your business to the next level. You want to optimize your processes, improve your quality, reduce your costs and increase your customer satisfaction. But how do you do that? To achieve this, you need a professional partner who can advise and support you in improving your business operations. A partner who has knowledge of the laboratory sector and business administration. A partner who thinks along with you, analyzes your bottlenecks, formulates your goals and helps you implement solutions. 

LabWing® has years of experience in advising and guiding laboratories of all sizes and in every sector. We offer a wide range of services, from strategic advice to operational support, from data analysis to business intelligence. LabWing® helps you achieve your goals and realize your potential in the following areas:


  • Strategic advice: recording your vision, mission, strategy and objectives. We also take care of drawing up a business plan, a marketing plan and a financial plan.
  • Financial advice: improving your financial situation by finding subsidies, financing, permits and tax benefits. We provide support in drawing up and managing budgets, administration and accounting.
  • Laboratory advice: optimizing, standardizing and securing processes. We guide you in improving efficiency, quality, safety and sustainability using proven techniques and tools.
  • ICT advice: selecting, implementing and managing ICT systems. This concerns both software applications and hardware infrastructure. We support you in optimizing data analysis, data exchange with third parties and complete IT security.



LabWing® works closely with you to identify your needs, wishes and expectations. We analyze your current situation, identify your bottlenecks and opportunities, and propose appropriate tailor-made advice. We guide you in the implementation, management and evaluation of the chosen solutions. We ensure a smooth transfer, clear communication and good aftercare.

With our advice you will get more out of your laboratory. You get a company that is ready for the future, that stands out from the competition and that meets the expectations of your customers. You save time, money and energy, and you increase your turnover, profit and growth.