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About LabWing

LabWing is an ambitious software company, developing and managing a cloud platform. LabWing's main goal is to facilitate everyday laboratory business with innovative, web-based software solutions designed and developed based on our experience in the laboratory environment. One of the key considerations is to structure and harmonize various data streams into an efficient and transparent model, allowing laboratories to serve their customers with top quality test results, in the fastest, most accurate and most cost-effective manner.

It really goes without saying, but people are a company's most important asset. This is also and perhaps even especially true for a company like LabWing. As a company with a broad field of activity and a versatile portfolio of products and services, the future stands or falls with the complementary talents and backgrounds of our employees. The versatility and diversity of our team on an intellectual, technical and creative level is reflected in our portfolio of innovative products and services.

"A strong combination of knowledge, skill and pioneering mentality"

By the way, given our growth, spontaneous applications are always welcome. Especially for driven and skilled computer scientists including lead developers who have an affinity with the laboratory industry, there are always opportunities.